We believe that when we add value to an LGBT person through improving and promoting their skills, gifts, abilities, health and wellbeing, their families that had banished them, embrace them and when with their skills they are included in mainstream society as key service providers, society accepts and supports them because of their resourcefulness than their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Therefore, ours is to fight homophobia in mainly families and also general society while using the talents, gifts, skills of LGBT people. From lived experiences, we have realized that families as well as community tend to easily associate with an LGBT person who is resourceful and successful in life; one who is successful in business or has attained an education or is providing a good service to the general community and from whom they are able to get support, they tend to bring that LGBT person back to the family or society; the LGBT person’s success makes them ignore all the stereotypes they hinged on the LGBT and so associate with the person. They support the LGBT and also become the person’s security which builds the LGBT person’s confidence.

With that, when we empower an LGBT person, we see to it that the person is integrated back to the family and provides services in mainstream society so that their giftedness and effectiveness is visible. Our passion is to see the skills and giftedness of an LGBT person realized and utilized for their emancipation.

A family is a great unit of support to the LGBT person. LGBT people are very gifted and intelligent but their abilities are discouraged by discrimination from their families. Support and love from the family greatly builds the self esteem of an LGBT person and so discrimination in society has little or no effect on the person.

Finally, when we empower LGBT people and make them better through supporting their giftedness, skillfulness and livelihood, we change their image and the negative perception around them from their families and general society. The magic is that; when we build their capacities, we do not isolate them but make them part of the main service providers in the general society so that everyone sees their potential.